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4 Harrington Square,
London, England
Mar. 9, 1914.

Mr. George Ware,

Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Sir:

The historic golden shield of the Wares gives a border containing a number of shell and two lions. This shield when topped with the dragon’s head and spear crest, joined with the family motto, forms the complete heraldic emblem of the ancient family of Ware.

They rose into prominence at about the same time in both Ireland and here in Essex Co., and the Coat-of-Arms is duly of record. Hence it is that this emblem ornaments so many sculptured and stained glass monuments throughout Essex– the County from whence sprang the American line at the Colonies.

It is considerably used to emboss the stationery and silver of the more prominent members of Ware on both continents and knowing of the deep general American interest in the subject I secured your name as possibly being interested in purchasing a copy of the emblem.

I have a limited number in stock which sell at Three Dollars each, including gratis, a printed copy of my "Ware Heraldry" explaining the subject.

The Coat-of-Arms offered is a finely designed water-color, hand-painted, size 10x12 inches. "Ware Heraldry" is a little work of twenty pages.

Walter Harris, in his Ware History, tells us that the family take descent from Roger de Ware, Lord of Isefield, and that their chief strongholds were here in the Southern Counties.

Trusting to have the favor of your order, believe me,

Very respectfully,

J. A. Ringrose.


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