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(by Pearl Ware)

My Daddy is Rev. G. W. S. Ware
For me, he offers many a prayer.
Each night he takes me to God's throne
Where some day, we'll meet in that heavenly home.

He is living the abundant life
At his golden age of ninety-five.
He gives much pleasure and joy
To his four girls and two boys.

His hair is as white as snow
His eyes how they twinkle and glow.
They are of the sky's azure blue
Windows of his soul, so saintly true.

His body isn't old, crooked and bent
For he gave it to God for a temple, and then,
He told the world of the Lord's love
And the wonderful heavenly home above.

He is my guest this October night
His presence is like a golden light
Giving me courage to keep up the fight
While I am waiting for the morning bright.

Oct 1949                         Pearle.


Original spelling and punctuation have been preserved.

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