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Trailing Memory
Trail of 80 Years
Some History


Memories and Related Essays of Rev. G.W.S. Ware

A.D.Andrews, 1862-1936

Burial of My Mother in 1869

A Dream

Fourth of July, 1939

Homecoming Day at Sardis Baptist Church

June 23, 1938

Mother's Grave

My First Preaching Point

My Last Pastorate

Myself, Going Back to Myself 46 Years

My Seven Sermons in Three Days Last July

My Teeth

My Three Solomon Friends

On Top of Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga, Tennessee

Preaching in Georgia at 84

To Initiate and Lead Church Work, in its Attacks on Evil

A trip of fancy concerning West Armuchee Valley, Walker County, Georgia

Two Appearances

A Visit to West Armuchee Valley, Fifty Years After I Moved to Florida

You Are a Gadabout


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